We have three different tracks at VidCon Australia! 

  • The Community Track is for people interested in online video, its creators, and its culture. You will find Q&As, discussions, interviews, expo hall, meet-ups, and more. This track gives you access to the Meet & Greet hall.

  • The Creator Track is a great fit for anyone hoping to create better content, grow the fanbase of their channel, break into the industry, and meet fellow creators. If you want to learn more about the process of making great content for a channel, this may be the right track for you. This badge includes bonus access to panels, opportunities for networking, and workshops on top of access to community badge activities.  This track does not give you access to the Meet & Greet Hall or Lottery.

  • The Industry Track is great for attendees affiliated with online video in any professional capacity. If you are part of a production company, network, channel, or work in talent management, software development, or venture investment this may be the right track for you. An Industry badge will give you the access to workshops, exclusive panels, platform and product demonstrations. There will also hands-on training and networking opportunities with other members of your community.  The Industry Track ticket has access to all Community, Creator, and Industry Track Content, including access to participate in the Meet & Greet Lottery.